Civil Law

We have a broad field of civil law and private relations, acting both preemptively and repressively to provide security to our clients in their business relationship and activities.


Among the activities provided in the Civil area, we highlight:


- Legal advice in several types of legal business


- Legal Opinion on controversial aspects of civil law


- Preparation and revision of typical and atypical agreements


- Credit recovery and minimization of default risk


- Guarantee area structuring


- Follow-up of judicial, extrajudicial and bankruptcy recovery


- Coordination and participation in credit analysis committees


- Extrajudicial and judicial collects


- Filing and legal defense of civil measures, actions of indemnity, collection, revision, etc.


- Coordination of auctions of abandoned goods in customs and general warehouses

- Real Estate Operations

Rua Henrique Meyer, 280, sala 1201

Joinville, SC  89.201-405, Brasil


+ 55 (47) 3227-6845


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