Corporate Law

We combine years of practice and study in corporate law with the needs of our clients, providing advice on organization, reorganization and acquisition of companies, as well as numerous other demands related to the area.

Among the activities provided in the Corporate area, we highlight:


- Legal advice in corporate operations


- Incorporation, alteration and closure of companies towards Brazilian Company Registration Authorities, such as the Commercial Boards, the Federal Revenue of Brazil, the State Treasury Offices, the City Halls and other Government Agencies


- Legal Opinion on controversial aspects of corporate law


- Drafting the articles of incorporation, contracts and bylaws for companies "Eireli", "Limitada", "Sociedade Anônima", "SPE" (Special Purpose Company), "SCP" (Partnership Account) and associations


- Preparation of contractual and statutory amendments


- Preparation of acts of conversion, transformation, split, incorporation and merger


- Preparation of minutes of members' meeting, ordinary general meeting, extraordinary general meeting and other meetings / assemblies


- Preparation of shareholders agreement


- Business Name Protection


- Corporate reorganizations


- Due diligence procedures


- Constitution of holding or equity holdings (succession planning)


- Filling and legal defense in corporate legal measures

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Joinville, SC  89.201-405, Brasil


+ 55 (47) 3227-6845


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