Tax Law & Criminal Tax Law

We are constantly updated on the frequent changes in tax laws, as well as their impacts on the business environment, in order to offer to our clients security in tax and legal relations with the tax authorities, as well as solutions for tax recovery.

Among the activities provided in the Tax area, we highlight:

- Legal advice for tax obigations


- Obtaining differentiated tax treatment (TTDs) and special state tax incentives


- Advice on fulfilling obligations related to SISCOSERV (related to import and export of services)


- Audit to reduce or recover unduly paid taxes


- Legal Opinion on controversial aspects of tax legislation


- Tax classification of goods and services


- Formal Consultation with Federal Revenue of Brazil on the interpretation of customs legislation or tax classification of goods and services


Voluntary Disclosure of errors for the exclusion of fines 

- Requests for tax refunds and compensation


- Guidance and coordination of inspection procedures of the Federal Revenue of Brazil, State Treasury Secretariats and City Halls


- Administrative representation related to notice of infraction with penalty application and other obligations, through the filing of defenses and appeals, requests for reconsideration of decisions and other requests, before the Brazilian Federal Revenue, State Treasury Departments and City Halls


- Filing of preventive and repressive judicial measures, such as writ of mandamus against illegal administrative acts 


- Filling of judicial measures for annulment of tax debt, for obtaining judicial declaring a tax is undue, for refund tax, etc.

- Judicial defense in actions filed by the tax authorities, such as tax foreclosures, tax injunctions, etc.

In addition to the areas of Customs and Tax Law, we offer services in the area of ​​Criminal Tax Law to companies, their officers and employees who are eventually liable criminally for violations related to the Tax and Economic Order.


- Guidance in police inquiries against tax representation for criminal purposes


- Judicial defense in criminal proceedings arising from allegations of ideological or material falsehood, misleading, tax evasion and other crimes related to the Tax and Economic Order.

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